South Korea

So it’s been a long while since I’ve updated this site and it has been hopelessly neglected for a bit to say the least. Anyways I am currently living in Ulsan South Korea and have about two months before I’ll be starting a three month journey through South East Asia. After that it’s back to the states with a whole bunch of new songs. If anybody is checking this thing and would like to keep up with what’s going on, make sure to stop by

Booking Summer Tour Now

Kenny Freeman & The Smokey Gringos are currently booking Summer tours in the Southeast, TX/OK, the Midwest, and the Atlantic coast. If you are interested in having the Gringos stop by your town, play you’re party, or just want to find out more info, email Other than that keep an ear to the ground for new music. There have been a lot of new tunes coming about and they’re bound to end up on here eventually.

Ain’t Broken Down

Ain’t Broken Down is the debut album from Blues newcomer Kenny Freeman. Ranging from slow ballads to dirty driving Blues, Ain’t Broken Down has something for everyone. Drawing from the influences of a southern upbringing and a strong respect for the Blues tradition, Kenny Freeman is a force to be reckoned with. Tracks like Too Long and Lay Me Down draw the listener in with intimate lyrics to paint a picture of a man who has felt heartache, seen love and also watched it walk away. While tracks like River’s Rising, Ain’t Broken Down and Texas Tornado push the envelope of the traditional, but still stay strongly embedded in the long standing tradition which is American Roots music. Recorded at the Mustard Tower Studios in Nashville Tennessee with Thomas Harlan Smith, Josh Hacker, and Mike Colman. The album hosts a variety of some of the best young players in Nashville, who truly shine on this album. Anyone who truly enjoys great songwriting and grooving Blues music will surely enjoy Ain’t Broken Down.